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The "Street Observations" Photo Blog featuring street photography and observations from photographer John Fraissinet. (Now in its 8th Year).

Entries in Shadows (7)


Veering Shadow

The shadow is the star of this picture as he is heading in a different direction from the man.

Veering Shadow


Me and My Shadow

I'm not sure that is actually his shadow.  It just doesn't quite match exactly.  

Me and My Shadow


Walking the Plank

Off and into the deep.  

Walking the Plank



I look at this picture zoomed in close, and studied all the different angles and I just don't understand why the guy on the corner doesn't have a shadow.  The other two men have a very distinctive shadow.  I can understand that a little might be lost below the curb, but not like this.  I've had people ask if I photoshopped the shadow out, but what would be the point.  This guy just doesn't have a shadow.  I guess that means he won't see his shadow and it will be an early Spring.  



1PM Shadow

The sun was straight up presenting an extreme shadow below.  

1PM Shadow

But as I focused down, I did notice the sun cut out, and looked up and saw a single cloud took over the center of the sky.    

Cloud Cover



The shadow of the man kind of reminds me of the Alfred Hitchcock shadow on his show.  



Shadow Play

Every day I pass the post office at 90 Church Street.  On one exterior wall there are geometric cubes embedded within it.  Just this week, the street which is usually covered in shadow from the large buildings emerged into the sunlight.  The victorian street light cast an interesting shadow especially when seen next to the cubes and the yellow barrier poles.  

I setup across the street and waited to see what variations I could get based on the people who were passing by.  I took about 40 pictures that day and returned the next.  The light shadows had changed slightly and I took another round of shots.  The next I returned and parked cars blocked the view.  The next day I returned and it was cloudy, no shadows.  The next day I came back and the shadows were gone.  The combination of elements no longer existed. 

Here are the ones I liked the best. 

Shadow Play - Opposition

Shadow Play - Dropped Something

Shadow Play - White and Black

Shadow Play - The Sneeze

Shadow Play - Brief Cases