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The "Street Observations" Photo Blog featuring street photography and observations from photographer John Fraissinet. (Now in its 8th Year).

Entries in Federal Reserve (8)


Perching Above

A previously blocked off corner of Chase plaza now allows a new perspective of the cross street of Liberty and William streets.  Right across the street is the corner of the Federal Reserve building.  

Top of the StairsLiberty Crosses WilliamCrossing Liberty


Fed Decline

As many people can identify, this is the Federal Reserve building which has been a background in many of my photographs.  Down the hill goes from west to east, declining as you go.  

Fed Decline


Man Looking North

He looks across the street to the Federal Reserve building.

Man Looking North



An architectural look at two buildings.  The building on the left is the primary building on Chase Manhattan Plaza, the building on the right is the Federal Reserve building.  Chase overviews the street, the Fed provides oversight to Chase.  



Maiden Lane West

Something very interesting about these angles.  

Maiden Lane West


The Tetris Building

Yes, I am attracted to take pictures of the Federal Reserve building, probably ever since they warned me not to.  This time, it just occurred to me that it was somewhat like a giant Tetris board with shapes fit just precisely.  

Previous posts featuring the building behind were The Encounter and The Castle.  

Here we have two more.  Here I just loved the light streaming down Nassau Street.

Tetris Silhouette

This is a different interpretation, showing various layers/planes/levels of variations of people and light.  It's really three different dimensions.  



The Castle

Here's another one with a backdrop of the Federal Reserve building.  Maybe a solo version of "The Encounter". I've used this for many pictures, the blocks create the look of a castle.  

Below the Castle

I'm still a bit timid about taking pictures in the building's direction, as I reported in my post "Click Away" since I was stopped one time, but this is a bit further down.  Lots of great patterns in this building.  

Barrier Smoke


The Encounter

The Federal Reserve Building in lower Manhattan has a blocky structure that creates a nice background behind those walking back and forth.  While it is a significant building that sometimes is protected from photographers, my new camera is a bit less obtrusive and I was able to wait a bit and capture some people passing in front of the Northern wall.  

I spotted the woman in the brilliant green outfit and caught two shots of this encounter, which actually was not an encounter.