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The "Street Observations" Photo Blog featuring street photography and observations from photographer John Fraissinet. (Now in its 8th Year).

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I actually work in one of these two buildings, but had never really thought previously bout the comparison of the building to the Monolith from "2001: Space Odyssey" until I saw this shot.  



Rear Window

A view worthy of Hitchcock...

Rear Window


Leap of Faith

To climb the fire escape, gaze across the road, and cross on a bridge of smoke across would be a leap of faith.  

Leap of Faith



Diagonal Cloud

Even at lunchtime, it can seem like twillight.  

Diagonal Cloud


Sky Geometry

There are shapes created by the sky space between buildings.  

Sky Geometry


Western Maiden Lane

The convergence of the buildings makes it look like there is no street runs through, but it winds subtlely all the way to the river.  

Western Maiden Lane


The Zoo

Skyscrapers are a series of gridded windows where occupants can be observed in their every day existence.  

The Zoo



This is 70 Pine Street, which was built in competition with the Chrysler building in the skyscraper race.  

Skyscraper70 Pine


Magic Mirror

This building's inner self is speaking.  

Magic Mirror



Besides the dotted building in the rear, and the windows of the nearer structures.  There are dotted reflections of light off the opposite buildings.  Someone asked if this is real.  Yup.  



Gradient View

The bad weather is starting.  I always liked this block and the geometric lines.  It is especially interesting when the fog rolls in.  

Gradient View


Madison Avenue

This is where all the advertising agencies got their start.  

Madison Avenue


Storm Cloud

The cloud is a bit spooky.  

Storm Cloud


Left Brain, Right Brain

This picture is more of a concept than a realistic depiction.  As I was working on a title, it seemed to me that the two sides of the photograph were so different, that they could represent the workings of the brain.  The creative side versus the analytical side.  I thought I had the title, "Left Brain, Right Brain" but then I needed to confirm which side was which.  

Unfortunately, I learned the left side was the technical side, and the right was conceptual side.  My picture was the opposite.  I could have left it at that and came up with another title.  But, I decided to flip the picture to match the brain sides.  So, in the real world, the clouds were actually on the left, but in this representation, we can match the image with the proper brain layout so the title works.  

Left Brain, Right Brain


Cruising from New York

The slow smooth departure of a cruise ship from a port is always an event.  It's a time to be moving on... to anticipate new sights, and to reflect on where you've been.  It also provides a unique perspective, even to a place which you are most familiar.  You usually do not look at a place moving from 12 stories high from the water.  So, it is a time to be fascinated by something that looks just a little bit different. I've previously shown a selection of shots when departing Venice.  

While I am a New Yorker is most every way, and capture the sights from the street with much of my photography, the view from the river is something that is quite strange to me.  In this case, struggling to stay comfortable on the top deck of the ship, on a winter's day, with winds blowing at 50 miles per hour, Nonetheless, I knew that the light and view would be rewarding.  The ship departed from the Hudson River pier up near 55th Street and moved downtown into the harbor and then out under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.  

It was a cloudy day, with spotlights of sun.  First a classic view featuring the Chrysler Building.  


Looking straight up 42nd Street towards Times Square through the entire island of Manhattan and over to Queens.  

 42nd Street

You, of course, need a shot of the Empire State Building....

The Empire State

I am unfamiliar with these buildings, but the combination of the new architecture with the colors of the pier seemed to create an interesting juxtaposition.  

Triad Juxtaposition

I softened this picture of the Statue of Liberty.

The Statue

Having reached the Harbor, looking back gives a view of the downtown area, including One World Trade Center under construction.  


Eventually the Verrazano came into view as the sun started to descend.  The wall in front is the glass barrier of the cruise ship.  

Approaching the Bridge

Having passed under the bridge, the sun now was centered within the west tower.

Beyond the Bridge

And then out to the rocky sea towards the Bahamas.


Fear of Heights?

They continue to slowly dismantle the Deutsche Bank building which was damaged by fallout from the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings which were next door.  A monstrous crane sits on top and slowly lowers pieces of the building to the ground.  It's slow going with maybe only 12 stories being removed over the course of the past year. It amazes me how strong the crane must be to lift these massive steel beams. 

My office window overlooks the scene.  Click each picture for a large size version of it, it really can only be appreciated large. 

Deutsche Bank Crane

Today, I noticed there were a couple of guys way out at the tip of the crane.  And, then I saw another one walking the length of the extension like it was a bridge.  He walked quickly and didn't appear to have any kind of tethering. 

Deutsche Bank Crane 2

After he joined the group out at the tip, the crane started slowly moving horizontally with the entire arm moving as the workers stood out at the tip. This is not a job for those who might be afraid of heights. 

Deutsche Bank Crane 3