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Cape May, New Jersey

I only visited Cape May for the first time a few weeks ago.  This is the southern most tip of New Jersey.  In direct path of devasting Hurricane Sandy, I read that it escaped major damage unlike many of it's neighboring Jersey shore towns to the north.  So, the sights and personality are hopefully intact for futured generations and return trips.  

Here's what it looked like in mid-October.  I took this shot from the balcony of my hotel.  

Cape May Beach

I couldn't sleep the next morning, and walked along the boardwalk that borders the beach and grabbed a few quiet shots.  

Welcome To Our Beach

This is another way to the beach.  The contrasting lighting in the shot need a lot of work to even it out in post-production.   

To the Sea Beyond

This restroom reminded me of a country barn.  

Rest Rooms

The town, of course, has an antique feel to it with Victorian architecture featuring many porches.

Cape May Night Porches

Also many opportunites for compositional photos.

Cape May Steps


I was waiting outside a tea shop and spotted this guy seemingly bored across the road.

Antique Thinker

I took several shots of this figure moving along the beach against the highlights of the sea.  This one caught the break of a wave.

Cape May Figure

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