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The "Street Observations" Photo Blog featuring street photography and observations from photographer John Fraissinet. 


Crack of Light

My initial title for this was "Sliver of Light"  but that name had been previously used in another post.  So, crack is good for this one.  

Crack of Light


Top Ten Photographs of 2013

StreetObservations.com - Now, for the ninth year in a row (since 2005 if you do the math, which I just did)... I present those pictures that I consider the Top 10 that I took during the course of the year 2013.  

The selection this year was not as difficult as in prior years.  My finalists immediately numbered 11 and I asked for the opinion of my wife.  She pointed out that one of the pictures, taken on a cross country trip from a car window, wasn't of my usual style.  Very correct, so that one was eliminated.  (I will post those cross country pictures soon so you can judge for yourself).  

All but one of the pictures were taken on the streets in downtown NYC, my regular zone.  Three are people shots, the others more composition-oriented.  

So, anyway, here are the Top 10 presented chronologically as taken over the course of the year. (Click each picture to see it larger). 

1.  Rink with a View - I had no idea there was an ice skating rink down at the tip of the island overlooking the Statue of Liberty.  When I stumbled upon it, I was lucky enough to find this group of women so well organized.  

Rink with a View

2.  Enter Here - I had a long walk back from an evening social event on a rainy evening.  Looking to the right as I walked down Fifth Avenue I spotted the neon "Park" sign.  I parked myself and shot this.

Enter Here

3.  Rockette Dreams - This one was a gift. I thought it was a nice composition with the man sitting alone on the benches. Then, suddenly he his kick dance.   

Rockette Dreams

4.  Headlock Three - I was walking north on Broadway when I came across this couple in an interesting headlock position.  (more...)

Headlock Three

5.  Escape Clause - These gentlemen were talking for some time up on the fire escape of this building.  Seems like they were working out some deal as they were reviewing paperwork.  

Escape Clause

6.  The Story - These women were at about the same location as #4 (Headlock Three)

The Story

7.  Do Not Cross - I was focused on the composition of the barriers against the brick wall.  Having someone walk by and parallel the A-Frame pieces was just darn luck.   

Do Not Cross

8.  His Bridge to Brooklyn - This one reminds me a little bit of the publicity shot for the Woody Allen movie "Manhattan".  

His Bridge to Brooklyn

9.  Vanity - I spotted this proud pigeon by the Millenium Hotel.    (more...)


10.  Awe - Just across the street from One World Trade Center, the largest building in the US.  


Those are the Top 10 photos for this year.  For reference, my previous selections can be found here: 201220112010200920082007,2006, and 2005.   

As far as my regular activity, I continue to post to multiple online sites, and did increase the frequency of my posts here to StreetObservations.com.  Individual shots continue now to go up on Google+Flickr, and Facebook almost daily during the week, with more background and photo sequences here in this blog (StreetObservations.com).   I must confess, it's harder to get a good assortment of shots in the winter, there are less people out to photograph (and I get cold, you see, so I'm not out as much).  So, during the winter, I do sometimes go to the archive with shots I did not post previously.  

I'm also continuing to be working on a book of street photographs that will present the best photos I've taken over the years including some from this year's batch.  I realize I mentioned that last January in last year's post, so I may be full of it.  But, I think I am close to a final draft.  Sure. 

I think it's going to be yet another great year.  

Happy New Year (plus 20 days)!



Hair upon hair.  


Beneath the Bridge

A view of the Brooklyn Bridge, not popularly presented.  

Beneath the Bridge



The statue in the harbor.



Bored of the Board

Is it Bored of the Board or could be Board of the Bored?

Bored of the Board


Regrettable Impulse

It was sunny.  No umbrella was needed.  So, it makes perfect sense that you would just take the moment to see how well it floats.  

Regrettable Impule



They strolled through Chinatown arm in arm.  The same jacket, the same bags, leggings and shoes.  Only the tint of their hair was a bit off.  I'm wondering why one has their bag drapped from the right shoulder and the other has it from the left.  



Window Shopping

It's about time to get all that holiday shopping done.  Her hat caught my eye and something caught hers.  

Window Shopping


12 Panes and a Flag

Maybe its all these JFK documentaries coinciding with the 50th anniversary of his shooting.  But, this Canal Street building brings to my mind the Texas School Book Depository.  

12 Panes and a Flag



Just across the street from One World Trade Center, the largest building in the US.  



Yellow Brick Road

The road swirls around the Staten Island Ferry building.  A bike path flows by.  Metal pillars protect it from the dangers outside.  But, the road beyond leads to somewhere special if you take it far enough.  

Yellow Brick Road


The Tetris Building

Yes, I am attracted to take pictures of the Federal Reserve building, probably ever since they warned me not to.  This time, it just occurred to me that it was somewhat like a giant Tetris board with shapes fit just precisely.  

Previous posts featuring the building behind were The Encounter and The Castle.  

Here we have two more.  Here I just loved the light streaming down Nassau Street.

Tetris Silhouette

This is a different interpretation, showing various layers/planes/levels of variations of people and light.  It's really three different dimensions.  




A lot going on in this picture, almost to the point that I feel it is too cluttered.  But, I do find it interesting when the capture of people walking in lockstep is caught.  Off to the distance, the Statue of Liberty.  



Cones in a Hole

I was walking along the Hudson and looked down to see a round grating that I suspect used to have a tree growing up through it.  Down below, someone had stashed a couple of cones.  Makes kind of an interesting composition.  

Cones in a Hole


Bike with a Box

Actually, when I looked closely, this isn't just an ordinary box strapped to the back of this bicycle on a Tribeca street, it is a wine box.  

Bike with a Box


Stepping Off

If you're driving, you better not get caught within those crisscrossed lines after the light changes to red.  If you're walking, it's OK.   

Stepping Off


Underpass to the Future

I regularly travel through the PATH train station that lands beneath the downtown World Trade Center site.  Since the event in 2001, there has been constant rerouting and construction within the underground pathways of the facility.  Ultimately, a new station will emerge designed by Santiago Calatrava which will feature rows of curved arches.

Two weeks ago, one of the wooden construction walls deep below was opened.  For years, I was unaware there was anything work going on at that spot.   Suddenly, a new tunnel was revealed with a design that matches what the roof will become.  

I took a walk through, and got this look at the new futuristic design.  

Underpass to the Future



I have glasses that change to sunglasses when outside in the bright sun.  During this time of year, when looking towards the sun, I get an incredible glare that makes it difficult to see.  Through such a glaze, I spotted this pigeon by the Millenium Hotel.  I pointed in the direction of the glare towards some birds.  This one amused me as he looks at himself in the reflection of the window.  But, I wasn't shooting with any intent.  

The picture caught me by surprise when it became popular on Flickr.  It hit the appropriate qualifications determined by their secret algorithms to make their Explorer list.  It ended up being number 116 out of their daily selection of 500 selected photos.  (I only did better once when I got to number 38 with "Crossroads", a shot in Times Square.  As for the pigeon picture, I think the title, "Vanity", helped its popularity.  It's funny.  



Cone of Silence

Who says phone booths are a thing of the past?

Cone of Silence